IOST Update November 5th 2018

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IOST UPDATE NOVEMBER 5TH 2018 Hello IOST Community! Wishing you all a Happy Halloween from the IOST team as we enter November. It’s an exciting time as the past two weeks have been filled with action, and we’re proud to share our spookily packed bi-weekly rundown including CEO Jimmy Zhong’s live Telegram AMA, IOST at the Malta Blockchain Summit, Bitcoin … Read More

Jimmy Zhong Telegram Interview

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IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong stopped by our Official Telegram Group last week to answer questions from the community around testnet, mainnet release, decentralized applications and the future of IOST. Below are some highlights from the interview. Moderator – Do you plan to release ‘efficient distributed sharding’ (EDS) as part of the mainnet launch? Jimmy – Part of it, Yes. During … Read More

Decentralizing Technology, Society, and Thought

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John Naisbett’s 1982 book: Megatrends spent more than two years on The New York Times Best Seller List, selling 14 million copies. In it, Naisbett highlighted the ten most significant trends that define our contemporary technological era. The fifth trend he explored was introduced as a rapid transition from centralization to decentralization. Decentralization is a characteristic descriptive of power, control, … Read More

How We’re Designing a Better Virtual Machine than Ethereum and EOS

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Written by Li Haifeng — IOST Senior Engineer Former Tencent senior engineer and successful entrepreneur. Responsible for leading the restructuring of Tencent News and Tiantian Express which achieved over 150 million daily visitors. Lead engineer for IOST’s virtual machine. The importance of virtual machine design and performance — as well as smart contract capabilities — has been recognized by all blockchain developers as being crucial for … Read More

Everest v1.0 — Public Release and TestNet Update

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Dear IOST community, Over the last few years blockchain projects have been grappling with what has come to be known as the scalability trilemma. Trying to find a balance between scalability, security and decentralization isn’t easy, and many projects have been cutting corners too much in one area and compromising the integrity of their blockchain in others. At IOST, we … Read More

IOST Update September 24th

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IOST UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24th 2018 It’s been another busy 2 weeks for the IOST team. We announced two new partnerships, Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong spoke at the CEO Summit at Blockchain Seoul 2018 alongside other top founders, CTO Terrence Wang released two community Q&A’s, IOST made a splash at conferences in Singapore and Warsaw, and much more. Read on for a full update on everything IOST!  NEW … Read More