PoB – IOST’s Consensus Algorithm: How to achieve decentralized consensus

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Every blockchain system is in itself a micro-society, an adaptive organizationcomprised of network nodes. The operation of this organization is regulated by a consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism is a programmable benefit transfer rule that engages people, forms a secure network, and operates in andeterministic manner. In the IOST PoB consensus mechanism, the block production committee has 17 seats, which are changed every 10 … Read More


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Hello IOST Community, it’s been another busy 2 weeks for the IOST team as we prepare for the launch of Everest v2,o. The big news came with the launch of our Developer Bounty program. We also were listed on a top exchange, partnered with BTCNTV to create a series of intro blockchain videos, presented at Russian tech week 2018, held … Read More