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Hello IOST Community, it’s been another busy 2 weeks for the IOST team as we prepare for the launch of Everest v2,o. The big news came with the launch of our Developer Bounty program. We also were listed on a top exchange, partnered with BTCNTV to create a series of intro blockchain videos, presented at Russian tech week 2018, held … Read More

IOST Update November 5th 2018

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IOST UPDATE NOVEMBER 5TH 2018 Hello IOST Community! Wishing you all a Happy Halloween from the IOST team as we enter November. It’s an exciting time as the past two weeks have been filled with action, and we’re proud to share our spookily packed bi-weekly rundown including CEO Jimmy Zhong’s live Telegram AMA, IOST at the Malta Blockchain Summit, Bitcoin … Read More