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We always believe in the collective construction and self-governance of IOST by our great community, which aligns with the essence of blockchain development.

To this end, IOST announced the global launch of Partners Program on December 21, 2018.

As a highly concurrent and developer-friendly blockchain platform for DApps, IOST strives to create a complete public chain ecosystem, where developers, creators and enterprises can realize their values.

How to become a Servi or Partner Node?

1.To apply as a Servi or Partner Node, please use the form here;

2. Candidates with at least 2,100,000 votes are elected as Servi or Partner Nodes;

No technical requirement. IOST will provide all-round technical support.

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Rewards for Servi or Partner Nodes

Candidates with at least 2.1 million votes become Servi or Partner Nodes. The total Nodes Reward Pool of 840M is a combination of 420M IOST Ecosystem Reward Pool and 420M IOST Token Issuance Reward Pool.

In terms of reward distribution, 25% of the total Nodes Reward Pool is based on block production, 25% based on the share of votes received and 50% based on contribution rating.

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How to vote

IOST mainnet started voting on March 10th, and has supported 4 channels so far. (Note: None of these four channels is official.)    Check here for the full voting tutorial


Image Vote Tutorial

Vote on TokenPocket

Image Download Tutorial

Vote on IOST Voter

Image Vote Tutorial

Voting Rewards

IOST is a decentralized network and protocol. It is owned and led into the future by its users. Voting is an important self-governance mechanism in blockchain ecosystem.

By voting with tokens, voters will be deciding who represents them to govern the IOST network and contributes to the future development of the ecosystem. IOST hopes to see more community members participate in voting and will pay voters generous rewards in return.

Token holders who vote for partners / nodes that successfully reach the 2.1M token requirement during the election, will receive an on-going 50% share of that partners / nodes election rewards as voting dividends.

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