How to Create NFTs on IOST


Revival, developed by EMOGI Team, is the first major multi-chain aggregated NFT marketplace on IOST. Empowered by the blockchain technology, Revival enables the tokenization of the artwork on the chain to generate NFT artworks which are unique and verifiable with their smart contract addresses.

Revival implements the innovative Margin Reward Mechanism for its users. Building on top of the ultra-fast, secure, and gas-efficient IOST blockchain, Revival provides artists and users with seamless experiences to create, buy and sell NFT artworks at decent returns.

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Platinum Egg is an application development firm specializing in games and entertainment that develops CROSSLINK and TOKENLINK. In addition, the company offers consulting services for blockchain implementation in the gaming domain.

Similarly, the IOST-based NFT marketplace – TOKENLINK – aims to develop a mixed metaverse of games, blockchain, and cryptographic art by developing NFT avatar parts and in-game events by leveraging NFT music.

The GPS-strategy linked game CrossLink launched in September 2020 has attracted over 140k downloads to date. It is among the most popular blockchain games.

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30 September 2021, Theotex Group HD’s subsidiary & blockchain consulting company “NFT-Japan Inc.” and IOST have formed a strategic partnership to share their know-how and develop blockchain-based products and boost their ecosystem..

In this partnership, RIZIN FIGHTING COLLECTION (RIZIN FC), which is operated by NFT-Japan INC. has also officially become an IOST partner node.

RIZIN FC- an IOST-based NFT Marketplace that features Japan Martial Arts RIZIN Fighters Highlights NFTs will go live on IOST by the end of 2021.

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