How We’re Designing a Better Virtual Machine than Ethereum and EOS

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Written by Li Haifeng — IOST Senior Engineer Former Tencent senior engineer and successful entrepreneur. Responsible for leading the restructuring of Tencent News and Tiantian Express which achieved over 150 million daily visitors. Lead engineer for IOST’s virtual machine. The importance of virtual machine design and performance — as well as smart contract capabilities — has been recognized by all blockchain developers as being crucial for … Read More

IOST Whitepaper

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IOST: The Next-generation, Secure, Highly Scalable Ecosystem for Online Services The Internet of Services Foundation December 31, 2017 Abstract Despite the recent hype in the cryptocurrency market, the underlying blockchain technology is still at an early stage and is far from mass adoption. One of the well-recognized issues with current blockchain technologies is scalability. Without the capability of processing large … Read More

Glossary & FAQ

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IOST FAQ Where can I find the project roadmap? Our roadmap is available on our website. Has IOST released any code? Yes, IOST is open source. Our code can be viewed on our GitHub. Will there be a token swap from the current ERC-20 IOST? Yes, once the mainnet is launched we will announce a token swap during which the … Read More