IOST x Mantra

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On September 10, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “Internet + Social Organization” action plan for 2018-2020, which included a section that stated in order to promote unified and transparent inquiry of charitable organizations, it will explore blockchain technology in charitable donations, charity tracking, The use of transparent management and other plans, and plans to upgrade the existing … Read More

Bluehill and Rate3 Partnership Overview, Committed to Building A Secure and Efficient Cross-Border Payment Ecosystem

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Rate3 has recently partnered with Bluehill, a blockchain accelerator and incubator created by IOST, which has raised $50 million to fund its investment program. Rate3 is designing a simple infrastructure for trustworthy e-commerce relationships and merchant-to-consumer payment channels, while also creating a reliable credit scoring system for traditional lenders and capital providers. Rate3 will utilize the high scalability, decentralization, and security of the … Read More

BlueHill and Covalent Partnership, Ushering in a New Age in Data Privacy Protection

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Covalent (COVA) is partnering with BlueHill, the blockchain incubator and accelerator founded by IOST. Covalent’s focus on creating a private blockchain and data utilization infrastructure is a perfect fit for IOST’s blockchain platform, which is highly scalable, decentralized and secure. Covalent is led by Vincent Li, Harvard Alumnus and Raymond Gao, Princeton Alumnus. The founders are experts in the field of AI and … Read More