IOST Update November 5th 2018

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IOST UPDATE NOVEMBER 5TH 2018 Hello IOST Community! Wishing you all a Happy Halloween from the IOST team as we enter November. It’s an exciting time as the past two weeks have been filled with action, and we’re proud to share our spookily packed bi-weekly rundown including CEO Jimmy Zhong’s live Telegram AMA, IOST at the Malta Blockchain Summit, Bitcoin … Read More

Jimmy Zhong Telegram Interview

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IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong stopped by our Official Telegram Group last week to answer questions from the community around testnet, mainnet release, decentralized applications and the future of IOST. Below are some highlights from the interview. Moderator – Do you plan to release ‘efficient distributed sharding’ (EDS) as part of the mainnet launch? Jimmy – Part of it, Yes. During … Read More

How We’re Designing a Better Virtual Machine than Ethereum and EOS

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Written by Li Haifeng — IOST Senior Engineer Former Tencent senior engineer and successful entrepreneur. Responsible for leading the restructuring of Tencent News and Tiantian Express which achieved over 150 million daily visitors. Lead engineer for IOST’s virtual machine. The importance of virtual machine design and performance — as well as smart contract capabilities — has been recognized by all blockchain developers as being crucial for … Read More

IOST x Mantra

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On September 10, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “Internet + Social Organization” action plan for 2018-2020, which included a section that stated in order to promote unified and transparent inquiry of charitable organizations, it will explore blockchain technology in charitable donations, charity tracking, The use of transparent management and other plans, and plans to upgrade the existing … Read More

Why Blockchain Matters

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Why Blockchain Matters

“Decentralization has, not only an administrative value, but also a civic dimension, since it increases the opportunities for citizens to take interest in public affairs (…).” – Alexis de Tocqueville At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville wrote of political decentralization as “the true spirit of liberty”. Tocqueville’s focus — the division of power into localized federal … Read More

IOST Update September 10th 2018

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It’s been a busy time for IOST over the last 2 weeks. We launched our official Tokyo office and added two new full-time members to the IOST Japan Team, entered into partnerships with two companies, gave keynotes at blockchain conferences in Copenhagen and Philadelphia, and much more! Our CDO Kevin Tan also released a long form technical explanation of how … Read More

Op Ed: Making Friends with Time in the Cryptocurrency Space

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What follows is an open letter from Jimmy Zhong, co-founder and CEO of IOST, to his team members and shared with Bitcoin Magazine with permission. Recently, I’ve been thinking about an ultimate way of safely storing value — gold, Bitcoin, real estate and power all came to mind. That’s when I started to realize that, in essence, the concept of a … Read More

Bluehill and Rate3 Partnership Overview, Committed to Building A Secure and Efficient Cross-Border Payment Ecosystem

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Rate3 has recently partnered with Bluehill, a blockchain accelerator and incubator created by IOST, which has raised $50 million to fund its investment program. Rate3 is designing a simple infrastructure for trustworthy e-commerce relationships and merchant-to-consumer payment channels, while also creating a reliable credit scoring system for traditional lenders and capital providers. Rate3 will utilize the high scalability, decentralization, and security of the … Read More

BlueHill and Covalent Partnership, Ushering in a New Age in Data Privacy Protection

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Covalent (COVA) is partnering with BlueHill, the blockchain incubator and accelerator founded by IOST. Covalent’s focus on creating a private blockchain and data utilization infrastructure is a perfect fit for IOST’s blockchain platform, which is highly scalable, decentralized and secure. Covalent is led by Vincent Li, Harvard Alumnus and Raymond Gao, Princeton Alumnus. The founders are experts in the field of AI and … Read More