Everest v1.0 — Public Release and TestNet Update

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Dear IOST community, Over the last few years blockchain projects have been grappling with what has come to be known as the scalability trilemma. Trying to find a balance between scalability, security and decentralization isn’t easy, and many projects have been cutting corners too much in one area and compromising the integrity of their blockchain in others. At IOST, we … Read More

IOST x Mantra

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On September 10, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “Internet + Social Organization” action plan for 2018-2020, which included a section that stated in order to promote unified and transparent inquiry of charitable organizations, it will explore blockchain technology in charitable donations, charity tracking, The use of transparent management and other plans, and plans to upgrade the existing … Read More

Bluehill and Rate3 Partnership Overview

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Rate3 has recently partnered with Bluehill, a blockchain accelerator and incubator created by IOST, which has raised $50 million to fund its investment program. Rate3 is designing a simple infrastructure for trustworthy e-commerce relationships and merchant-to-consumer payment channels, while also creating a reliable credit scoring system for traditional lenders and capital providers. Rate3 will utilize the high scalability, decentralization, and security of the … Read More

Bluehill and Covalent Partnership

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Covalent (COVA) is partnering with BlueHill, the blockchain incubator and accelerator founded by IOST. Covalent’s focus on creating a private blockchain and data utilization infrastructure is a perfect fit for IOST’s blockchain platform, which is highly scalable, decentralized and secure. Covalent is led by Vincent Li, Harvard Alumnus and Raymond Gao, Princeton Alumnus. The founders are experts in the field of AI and … Read More

Public Testnet Launch: IOST Everest v.05

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Dear IOST community, IOST’s mission is to become the underlying architecture for the future of online service providers globally. We are laying the foundation for a high TPS blockchain infrastructure, one that meets the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. As a global project that aims to support large scale, practical use-cases for blockchain technology, it is important … Read More

Bluehill Launches After Raising $50M Global Fund to Back IOST Ecosystem

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Bluehill, a blockchain incubator and accelerator, officially launched today to support partnership projects, dApp development and other blockchain advancements within the IOST ecosystem. Following a successful new raise of $50 million in funding, Bluehill aims to provide crucial backing for IOST industry partnerships and projects built within the IOST ecosystem. Bluehill was established to support the growing interest from developers … Read More

Sequoia Capital China Leads Financing for Theseus

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IOST has recently announced a May 28th formal launch of Theseus, a blockchain application team incubated at IOST. Theseus is an IOST-incubated R&D team dedicated to pushing the envelope in blockchain technology and paving the way for the IOST developer community. Its stated goal is to develop practical applications for consumers and companies in industries that can potentially be transformed by … Read More

Announcing Partnership with Chaitin Technology

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The IOS Foundation is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Chaitin Technology, a top information security company. Chaitin Technology will serve as a network security technical support provider for IOST and will be leading our security testing services. They will be illuminating and investigating all cybersecurity issues faced by distributed systems. Chaitin Technology was established … Read More

Why I am Advising IOST

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By Robert Neivert, Venture Partner at 500 Startups and Advisor for IOST Robert is currently a Venture Partner at 500 Startups, one of the leading incubators in Silicon Valley. 500 Startups has incubated notable companies such as CreditKarma, Canva and Hinge. Before working with 500 Startups, Robert served in an executive role for companies such as HighlightCam, Quest Venture Partners, … Read More

Internet of Services — Intro to our Tech

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To start things off: · You’ll find our website here · Our whitepaper is available here · Our GitHub is available here · You can follow our twitter for major updates here · And you can get involved and chat with the team on Reddit here (keep an eye out for our upcoming AMA with the tech team) What is IOS? In our vision, the IOS (Internet … Read More