Announcing Partnership with Chaitin Technology

Announcing Partnership with Chaitin Technology

The IOS Foundation is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Chaitin Technology, a top information security company. Chaitin Technology will serve as a network security technical support provider for IOST and will be leading our security testing services. They will be illuminating and investigating all cybersecurity issues faced by distributed systems.

Chaitin Technology was established in July 2014 and is the world’s top network information security company. The R&D team was born out of the well-known Blue Lotus team in the cyber security field and has a sterling reputation in the field. The Chaitin team has always been among the top three in the domestic and foreign hacking contests it has competed in. It has maintained the best record of any Chinese team in the world’s top network security technology contest DEFCON CTF, and won top three in the international hacking competition Pwn2Own along with Together 360 and Tencent (two major internet players in China). The team famously jailbroke PS4 Firmware 4.01 and demonstrated this by showcasing a 4.01 PS4 running Linux and NES Emulators, as well as their ROP Tool and the addition of Kaslr Support in 2016. Chaitin’s products are listed in the Ministry of Public Security in the three sales license rating as enhanced; and customers include China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Huawei, Bit Continental and other famous enterprises.

IOST is the first and only blockchain project to partner with Chaitin Technology. The partnership marks a major advance for Chaitin Technology in the field of distributed system security. The top security research and technology R&D team owned by Chaitin Technology will also play an important role supporting IOST in ensuring system safety and stability.

In the blockchain field, system security is a key requirement. Blockchains such as Ethereum and IOST are smart contract platforms that support the deployment of a large number of distributed contract applications. Due to the distributed nature of the blockchain, these smart contracts have strong propagating properties. If the contract platform or the contract itself has a security hole, it may have more complex consequences than traditional website vulnerabilities, and it may be difficult to repair quickly. In addition, attackers may also use contract propagation characteristics to construct mass or sociological attack vectors. For example, when submitting a contract code that initiates a large number of requests to a website, along with the contract network jointly completing this operation, it may be vulnerable to a DDoS attack. The IOST team is fully aware of the importance of blockchain security and is excited to strengthen our smart contract auditing to resist malicious node attacks with the help of Chaitin Technology. The IOST team will conduct rigorous audits of smart contracts, examine issues such as stack overflows and logic leaks, troubleshoot any bugs that may be exploited by attackers, and limit dangerous operations. Chaitin Technology will serve as a network security technology supporter, providing IOST with complete security testing and penetration testing services, giving full play to its experience and technical advantages in the field of Internet security. Together we will work to solve security problems in distributed systems.

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