CEO Jimmy Zhong lectures Rhode Scholars

CEO Jimmy Zhong lectures Rhode Scholars

This week a group of Rhodes Scholars headed to the ZhenFund offices in Beijing for discussions with several successful Chinese innovators.

The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated fellowship awards in the world. They have inspired countless leaders including former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and are highly regarded internationally. The Rhodes Scholarship also set the precedent for numerous other prestigious fellowships including the Fulbright program.

At the event, IOS Foundation CEO Jimmy Zhong spoke about the challenges startups face in the age of the internet and also discussed the ways he believes blockchain will enable an entirely new iteration of commerce to develop by enabling micropayments and cutting out middlemen.

Zhenfund is one of China’s most respected venture capital firms, and has maintained a close relationship with IOST since our inception. Yusen Dai, currently a partner at Zhenfund, also serves as an advisor for IOST. Yusen has a wealth of experience with internet services as he formerly co-founded Under his leadership, JuMei grew from a small company to a multi-billion dollar entity in only 4 years. It is currently the largest online cosmetics retailer in China and one of the largest Chinese e-commerce companies.

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