Telegram Update: Official Language Groups

Telegram Update: Official Language Groups

Since the beginning of our project we have been incredibly lucky to have so many community supporters from all over the world join us on telegram. We were doubly lucky because we had informational groups built by all of you, so our community could express themselves easily in their own languages.

However, we realized that coordination and lack of official statements was becoming a problem. In order to make sure our community receives information quickly and accurately, we decided to build official language groups! Thank you again for your passion and excitement about the Internet of Services. We are building a blockchain platform that can change the world and we can’t do it without our incredible community!

Official IOST language groups

?? 中文:

?? 日本语:

?? 한국어:

?? Russian:

?? Turkish:

?? Español:

?? Nederlands:

?? Hindi:

?? Filipino:

?? Deutsch:

???? Português:

?? Indonesia:

?? Français:

?? Italiano:

Please email if you are interested in building a community in any other languages. Thanks again for all your support!

Other Official Sources of Information

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