IOST: Building a Better Blockchain

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Recently, a lot of people have asked me, “What does IOST want to achieve?” It’s simple — the goal for the R&D team is to create a better blockchain application platform. We want to focus on fixing issues that exist in current blockchain technology and in doing so implement our own solutions that we consider necessary for a successful blockchain application platform. I want … Read More

IOST Update 27th August 2018

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It’s been a busy time for IOST over the last 2 weeks. We launched our brand new website complete with a revamped roadmap, hosted a meet-up in Germany, were listed on a new exchange and more! Our CEO Jimmy Zhong also released an open letter for the community about his thoughts on the future of blockchain technology and the growing blockchain industry. Read on for a full … Read More

Op Ed: Making Friends with Time in the Cryptocurrency Space

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What follows is an open letter from Jimmy Zhong, co-founder and CEO of IOST, to his team members and shared with Bitcoin Magazine with permission. Recently, I’ve been thinking about an ultimate way of safely storing value — gold, Bitcoin, real estate and power all came to mind. That’s when I started to realize that, in essence, the concept of a … Read More

Tackling the Scalability Trilemma

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The success of the IOST blockchain is an inseparable mixture of technological invention and community support. At the end of June we released the first version of the IOST test network, Everest 0.5. With the parameters of verifying the POB consensus mechanism, it has reached a peak of 8000 TPS in live environment testing, making Everest’s TPS 400 times faster … Read More