Hello IOST Community, it’s been another busy 2 weeks for the IOST team as we prepare for the launch of Everest v2,o. The big news came with the launch of our Developer Bounty program. We also were listed on a top exchange, partnered with BTCNTV to create a series of intro blockchain videos, presented at Russian tech week 2018, held several meetups and released our second crypto puzzle! Read on for a full rundown on everything IOST


As we approach the release of the final IOST testnet — Everest v2.0 — we are focusing on building the IOST ecosystem and developer community. In that vein, we have created a developer community that we hope will become the nexus of idea sharing and development on the IOST blockchain!

To further grow our developer community, we have also launched the IOST Developer Bounty Program! Any developer can participate, contribute and earn rewards and bounties for their efforts in contributing to the development of the IOST project and ecosystem. This is the first of three bounty programs, with the launch of our Bug Bounty and DApp Bounty program to be released shortly. Together we will maximize the value of blockchain and the potential of the IOST network!

Developers will be able to see all the latest missions and claim bounties by joining IOST groups on Slack and Telegram or by following the official IOST Medium.


CTO Terrence Wang had the opportunity to speak at Russian Tech Week 2018 about the incredible technology we are developing at IOST. The audience was highly technical and had the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion on developer choices. Terrence had a great time at the event and is excited to have made so many interesting Russian connections.

Follow this link for a video interview of Terrence while he was at the event!


We are excited to announce that IOST has been listed on Bittrex International! Bittrex is one of the preeminent exchanges worldwide and is one of the top American exchanges. It also is a new Fiat-Crypto exchange link for IOST.


IOST SEA Lead Lawrence attended the Bibox Summit Singapore and had the chance to meet up with Xitij, Founder of Virtual Arena, a blockchain company disrupting the streaming industry and empowering content creators. Virtual Arena will be built on the IOST blockchain! Stay tuned for more exciting partnerships!



IOST is excited to be partnering with BTCNTV to create a series of videos  explaining the fundamentals of and blockchain. As always, we welcome community input. What content and questions would you like to see answered? Send an email to and let us know!


We are happy to announce that IOST will be hosting a meetup at KAIST, one of the best engineering universities in Korea. Blockchain teams from KAIST, Foundation X and BlockOdyssey will attend the meetup where the main focus will be tech and creating strong relationships with KAIST’s top blockchain talent!


At Legal Tech 2018 in Tokyo, IOST Japan hosted a booth and student ambassador Ikuya Asai from the law department of Aichi University of Education made a presentation on the IOST Blockchain. Over 500 lawyers and legal tech workers attended the event, showing clear excitement for the possibilities smart contracts enable!


At IOST we value hard work, excellence and passion. In that context, we’ve been exploring ways to let our creative passions for crypto mix with our work. We were so happy when our prototype crypto puzzle was well received by the community that we created a second, much harder one. This has remained unsolved for several days, and we invite all creative thinkers to take a stab at solving the puzzle and earning the reward!



  • Consensus
    • [Design]
      • “node authentication scheme invitation incentive program” completed
    • [Development]
      • Organized the Chrome Wallet development document and the economic model section
      • Modified the fast build version to facilitate testing
      • Build a test network for community developers (eg wallet development)
      • Fixed the demo code in the previous version that runs “luckybet” by calling iWallet in python
      • Tx verification contract time increased for 1s clock tolerance
      • Added RPC pre-execution to verify transaction functions, which can be opened by configuration
      • Refactoring GAS related code, you can get the number of GAS without host
      • Build interface for obtaining a specific token balance is added to the RPC.
      • Completed iWallet usage documentation
      • RPC increased to improve connection limit to prevent the request from hanging, and modifies the iTest concurrent request method
    • [Debug]
      • Optimized base contracts to reduce the number of virtual machine creations
      • Optimized verification block function
      • Optimized the exit process to prevent panic from exiting
      • Test validity of vote contract and the bonus contract
      • The contract internal function (init) can be called freely. Problem & optimization once tx can only have one SetCode check result is normal. (90%)
      • Repair the data race of the network and synchronization module
      • Single-node and multi-node pressure test transactions, repairing warnings triggered by boundary conditions.
      • Increased metrics pushed to enhance stability
      • Testing to find out why iServer is running sub-optimally
      • Test and optimize recovery speed after node is down, and find problem with blockcache recovery (50%)
      • Remove the manual gc, and then delete and create a new isolate every time, so that the cluster can run normally
      • Solved the problem of witness verification slot error
      • Log error from receiving channel. Printing operation is intensive and causes the normally received blocks to be processed. Removing the log solves the problem; able to process normal pressure measurement in the case of a slot at a speed of 600ms.
      • Fix Node synchronization issue that was caused during interval block checks. (50%)
      • Fixed mvccdb related data race problem
      • Fixed TX time check bug
    • [Testing and Operations]
      • 1. CI
        a. If the CI of the developed branch fails, it sends alert
        b. Ran the CI of the development branch regularly and performed K8S_Test (cluster end-to-end test)
        2. VM
        a. Discussed our sandbox program and concluded that:
        Already have a sandbox for js (V8 isolate)
        b. Lone NodeJS function has been disabled
        c. Resource limitations for runtime (economic model)
        d. The iServer has been isolated from the process as a whole (the container is running and hung up without affecting the physical machine)
        3. Virtual Machine Command (60%)
      • Tested the running time of each instruction of V8, and the current gas charge
      • Implemented network latency testing
      • Network latency test has a chance of error, rewrite
      • Implemented storage IO testing, rebuilt testnet
  • Research and Development
    • [Design and Development]
      • Modifying recycle logic to prevent TPS drop and reduce the number of recycles
      • V8VM uses IRU instead of the current pool implementation, Boosting TPS
      • Javascript SDK generates npm package, now you can directly npm install IOST
      • Gomoku dapp development, completed front-end adaptation
      • V8VM repair library function to charge gas exception problem
      • Improved custom float64 type test in VM and fixed the division of float64
      • Tested the js syntax and observed the gas usage when js calls function
      • Completed iost.js and js sdk
      • received a variety of VM startup fees
      • Completed the smart contract’s demo-Gobang
      • Limited the number of keys
      • Solved the VM Hang Problem
      • Solved the CM memory problems
    • [Debug]
      • V8vm isolate added recycle to fix memory problems, segmentation errors, etc.
      • Blockcache is not restored after reboot (Pending)

The last two weeks continued to be a productive period for IOST with new developments and activity around the world. We launched our Developer Bounty Program, made splashes across different events including Russia Blockchain Week, Bibox Summer Signapore and Legal Tech Japan. Forged partnerships with BTCNTV and were listed on Bittrex International. Stay tuned for more exciting events on the horizon for IOST including the launch of our testnet Everest v2.0, the upcoming release of the CryptoHeroes beta, and the soon-to-be released specifics of the PoB consensus mechanism! Stay up to date on all things IOST by following us on social media and joining the conversation.



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